What We Do

What does the 2020 team do?

The 2020 Core Team functions as a “backbone organization” that plays three primary roles in the collective design of the 2020 Plan. Importantly, 2020 does not operate programs that serve the poor. Rather, we support the network of service providers who are moving the poverty needle.

3 roles of 2020

  1. 2020 collectively raises resources
    We help raise the millions of dollars in resources needed to implement interventions that move the poverty needle. So far, the 2020 team has helped raise over $4 million to expand programs that put more people on a path out of poverty through employment and increased income.
  2. 2020 organizes collective impact projects
    We organize & support collective impact projects and strategies that speed progress by integrating and de-duplicating community programs, and activating new resources.
  3. 2020 supports data-driven action
    We help create new ways to evaluate progress and performance and help funders evolve to data-driven investments.