To reduce poverty by 30% in South St. Petersburg by 2020

THE KEY: 2020 focuses on “The Working Poor & the Willing” and aims to help 2,400 parents in poverty to increase earnings to “above poverty” level

Specialized services for ex-offenders

2020 Formula Infographic PDF
  • Poverty rate reduced by 30% to 15.3%
  • Annual income grown by $200 million per year
  • Annual taxpayer poverty costs reduced by $158 million
  • Employment increased by 3,000 and 1,200 new jobs created
  • Unemployment, underemployment & underground employment reduced

Accelerate Hiring & Job Creation

2020 formula: Invest with 540+ employers to help them grow revenue & jobs:

  • Training and capital for 500 micro & small businesses
  • Capital & support for 12 developers
  • Grants & support for 12 employers & for 20 social enterprises

Bridge More People to Career Track

2020 formula: Invest to bridge 1,500 parents in poverty into career skills training & degree programs and good-paying jobs via apprenticeships, internships, and the program portfolios of PTC and SPC; invest to help 1,000 youth earn career skills.

Support parents to start & complete their journey to exit poverty

2020 formula: Provide Wrap Around Support to help parents achieve 4 goals: 1) start a journey to exit poverty, 2) complete journey; 3) get fit – physically, financially & mentally; and 4) become stronger parents

Raise & leverage new resources

2020 formula: Raise & leverage $78 million to fund interventions that move the needle, including economic, workforce, commercial & business development

Raise a new performance standard

2020 Plan formula: Work with funders & researchers to raise new standards of evaluation & reporting among service providers & policy makers