Business DEVelopment

The 2020 goal is for South St. Petersburg’s business sector to become a stronger force in creating jobs and growing income. 2020 objectives are to raise $10 million for capital & capacity services to intensively support 500 entrepreneurs to launch and grow their firms. The best offer for gamblers online pokies australia real money no deposit. Come on. Increased chance of winning!

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Economic Development

2020’s goal is to speed job creation with a new growth-focused, community centered approach to economic development in South St. Petersburg 2020 objectives are to ink 10 community benefits agreements (CBAs) with developers/prime contractors that will target an estimated $75 million in construction contracts to community firms; and to support 40 developers, employers and social enterprises to create jobs.

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Workforce Development

The 2020 goal is to help South St. Pete workers increase their earnings. 2020 objectives are to recruit 100 employers willing to target more jobs to community workers, and to support services to help 1,500 unemployed and under-employed people connect to new or higher paying jobs.

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Collective Infrastructure

The 2020 goal is to overcome the reality that taxpayers spend $700 million per year on poverty related costs for South St. Petersburg residents; and only 3% of it goes toward poverty reduction. 2020 objectives are to raise $78 million to expand poverty-reduction programs; and to prove the cost effectiveness of investing to reduce poverty.

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Goal: Reduce Poverty by 30% in South St. Petersburg by the 2020 Census

The 2020 Plan is a collective impact initiative designed to reduce the poverty rate by 30% by
2020 in South St. Petersburg, an area that occupies about one-third of the City of St. Petersburg and is the largest concentration of poverty in Pinellas County, Florida. Don’t miss your chance to play on the site casino echtgeld bonus ohne einzahlung. You will be satisfied!

The 2020 Plan formula for accelerating poverty reduction is simple: to help 2,000 “working poor and willing” parents to increase their family income to above the poverty line.

5 unique facets of The 2020 Plan

  1. It is Florida’s largest poverty-reduction plan (by geographic span and scope of actions).
  2. It is the only such plan with a specific target for reducing the poverty rate.
  3. It is the only such plan that functions as a collective impact initiative, which is different from traditional collaboration.
  4. It is the only such plan that aligns economic & workforce development with social services.
  5. It is the only such plan created by the community rather than by the social service or government sectors.

The key to reducing poverty is increasing employment income. The 2020 Plan is a backbone organization that offers a collective impact strategy for the community’s success toward the major areas of programming that are vital to accelerating poverty reduction, and the resultant impact in moving the poverty needle for a community that is the largest concentration of poverty in Pinellas County, Florida.

For collective impact initiatives, the backbone support is a critical component of the infrastructure that enables these collaborative, multi-sector efforts to advance systems-level change. It is also one of the most unique elements of collective impact, distinguishing the approach from several other forms of collaboration.

The 2020 Plan Formula

# 1 Reduce poverty by increasing incomes: Since poverty is defined by income, 2020’s focus is to increase incomes through full-time, part-time and self-employment.

# 2 Target parents, especially dads: 2020 targets employment primarily to parents-in-poverty because for every parent who exits poverty, an average 1.4 children do too. The goal is for 70% of parents served (2,450) to remain on track by the 2020 Census.

# 3 Strengthen families: In addition to job training, placement and retention support, 2020 with wrap-around family services, to help parents become active in their children’s success.

We offer special thanks to partners who had a foundational impact toward the 2020 vision over this past year since our previous annual report. They include Allegany Franciscan Ministries, the City of St. Petersburg, Bon Secours Health Systems, the Tampa Bay Black Business Investment Corporation, Mt Zion Progressive Missionary Baptist Church, the St. Petersburg Area Chamber of Commerce, Pinellas Opportunity Council, the Pinellas County Urban League (2020’s fiscal agent and service partner), and St. Petersburg College (host of 2020’s office and service partner). Please see a complete list of partners on “Who we are.”